Mentor Service for Managers

This innovative service is designed to provide support and personal professional development for managers working in the care sector, within care home or domiciliary service provision.

Why is it needed?

Care management may bring reward, but it also brings challenge and responsibility.

The manager has such a pivotal role; a service can hinge on their abilities.

Resilient, engaged managers are more likely to remain in post. This commitment and stability can, in turn, contribute enormously to the quality of the service provision.

This is not just of benefit to the clients; the reputation of the good quality that a service provides is a powerful marketing tool.

If clients choose to use the service, the resulting revenue can also benefit all stakeholders.

Therefore it makes real sense to develop and retain management skills in the care sector; however many managers feel isolated, overwhelmed, anxious or “burnt out” and may leave their role as a result.

This is where a mentor can help.


What does the mentor do?

The mentor visits the manager on a regular basis to provide a supportive ear, professional guidance and a safe, confidential opportunity for the manager to share and explore problems and consider what options/ solutions they may have.

The mentor supports the manager to think through their possible solutions, rather than telling them what to do.


What are the benefits?

 The manager increases their knowledge and skills.

The manager finds effective solutions, without a sense of having failed or been judged.

The mentorship time provides some thinking space for the manager to regain perspective, confidence and enthusiasm.

The manager has a sense of worth and appreciation, and so remains engaged and productive in their role.


 Please contact Ann Walton for further details, or to book this service.