Training your Care Staff

So what makes us different?

Having been in the care sector for so long we really know the pleasure and pain that it can bring. We understand that you want a really good workforce, but that training may be hard to fit in around residents’ needs, the rota and day- to- day life. Training may be costly, difficult to access and then turn out to be not really what you wanted. Our training joins the gap between theory and real life. We can provide a full training session or a quick refresher for just a couple of staff. We will provide training on site, at our venue or at another venue arranged by you.We can put together bespoke packages of learning. Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to ensure the that those needs are accommodated.

That is where we are different; most of our training is priced around sessional time so it remains reasonable even if the group is small.

We are happy to split our 4,6 and 8 hour sessions up, as long as it is within a day, to make the best use of the time for you and deliver different sessions if required.

Our training is designed to really engage and enthuse the learners; we do not just come and talk through a slide show.

We offer coaching and mentoring / observation and feedback if required, to help staff put theory into “real life”.

We also offer development support and/or mentorship for senior staff and managers.  Being in management brings its own demands and challenges. Maybe you would like support, for example, in looking at leadership skills, team- building, more effective time management, conducting effective supervision, or delegation.

Whatever your requirements, please feel welcome to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you.